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How to Manage a Chandler HOA Like a Professional Arizona Community Management Company

We are focusing on HOAs today and the board members who handle those HOAs. We recognize that in most cases, a board member serves in a volunteer position and when you’re on the board, you’re putting your heart and mind into something that’s going to benefit the entire community. You are responsible for making sure the properties look good and the yards are cut and the landscapes maintained. You also have to make sure that there aren’t any disturbances or loud noises that are problematic for a resident’s neighbors. A lot more goes into serving as an HOA board member, but we’re focusing on those types of things today so you can think about the benefits of hiring a property management company to handle those issues for you.

Let’s say you have a problem tenant who isn’t maintaining a property and it has really become an eyesore. Usually, the HOA board will have to write a letter or maybe you’ll go out in person and present the problem to the individual yourself. A lot of times, these issues and situations can be uncomfortable for both the board member and the resident. For example, if the resident you’re addressing doesn’t like what you say or what you write, it could turn into a nasty confrontation. This is especially challenging because you’re living in the same community and most people know each other.

Manage Chandler HOAHow do you avoid this type of situation? The right Chandler property management company acts as a neutral third party. We enforce every rule and we make sure property values stay strong. We help to keep your community looking good and functioning properly.

When you hire the right property management company that fits your criteria, you’ll find it’s affordable. Most people don’t want to talk about costs right up front. We appreciate that, but we put everything on the table in the beginning. We’re very transparent and keep all our costs out in the open.

If you have any additional questions, or you’d like to hear more about how a professional company can help you manage your HOA, please contact us at Park Management & Realty Services. We look forward to talking with you.


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